Metal Signage

Metal signage - Information totemsThe metal is the most durable material for outdoor advertising. For a long time, the metal was the only material that was used for the manufacture of signage for outdoor advertising. Examples of such signs can be found on the streets and highways. These are all possible signs, huge billboards, and signs in stores and so on.

Sheet metal, primer, and paint are used for the production of such signs. Due to such process of production, the signage is resistant to UV light and negative environmental factors such as sun, wind, snow, rain or even hail.

Sign Stand from aluminum and glasTo date, the main metal that is used for the manufacture of advertising signs is aluminum. This material does not rust; it can be processed easily. It also shows high durability. The paint lasts for a very long time on this metal. Adhesive tape also works well with aluminum. If we are talking about the originally painted aluminum sheets, which can also be manufactured in the factory, the paint will be even more durable.
In addition to aluminum, the second common metal used for the manufacture of outdoor advertising is galvanized steel. Its main advantage is that it is cheaper than aluminum. In addition, steel sheet works well with magnetic reacted vinyl. This is a kind of signage for outdoor advertising when a board has changing information. The main drawback of the steel sheet is its relatively short life compared with aluminum. In addition, it is prone to rust and the work with it is much more time-consuming than with aluminum.

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