Vinyl Signage

Vinyl is a very common material for the production of outdoor advertising. Vinyl fabric and vinyl tape are used most often. Vinyl fabric is divided into three classes: tent fabric, banner fabric and awning fabrics. Let’s check each type of material in more detail.

Banner fabric is the cheapest but least durable. It is not advisable to apply for long-is used for the production of tension structures, such as tents, canopies and so on. In many respects, awning fabric is similar to the tent fabric. However, the latter is used for the production of internally illuminated signs.

Banner fabricThe use of vinyl fabric as a base for outdoor advertising involves the use of silkscreen inks and vinyl tape. These are the only materials with which vinyl fabric interacts well. Durability and quality of such signage is largely dependent on the quality of fabric that was used. The paint and the tape, which were applied to the fabric, are equally important. The use of cheap fabric and expensive paint is not recommended if your sign or banner is designed for long service life.

Vinyl tape is an alternative to paint. It is applied to the fabric. To date, two types of tape are used. Their difference lies in the mode of production. One kind of vinyl tape is produced by calendering, and the second is produced by casting. The first type of vinyl tape is cheaper, but its durability is also lower.

In addition, some classes of vinyl tape are distinguished. There are reflective, light guide, fluorescent and other kinds of tape. One more difference is the glue application method. The glue can be made either by using solvent or water. Of course, the water-based adhesive is safer from an environmental point of view, but it has a much lower durability values.

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